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Managed print

Print specialists in Grimsby

Printing can really eat into your budget so it makes sound business sense to ensure you’re running your print operation in the most efficient and cost-effective way. At IT Services, we’ve been helping Grimsby businesses to manage their printing costs more effectively since 1999 – and when it comes to choosing the best printers for your business you’ll find we’re Epson through and through.

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We provide everything – printer, inks and maintenance

The Epson package we’re most excited about is Epson Print 365. Supplied as a unique fixed price plan, Epson Print 365 includes a new business or workgroup printer and all the inks and maintenance you need over the term. All you provide is the paper. This makes it the perfect print package for the business keen to keep printing costs firmly under control.

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How the price plan works

First you agree the number of prints you will need per year (a yearly average figure allows for any seasonal variations in printing demand and Epson provide some free software to help you calculate this). Next you choose the printer that’s most suitable for your business. Finally we supply that printer along with all the ink you need for your stated requirements over the term of the agreement.

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Printing made simple

A typical fixed price printing plan includes:

  • Management software to help you establish print volumes & manage ink levels
  • A new printer based on your business needs such as multi tray or A3 paper
  • Ink supply for the duration
  • All maintenance included
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