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How our managed IT support differs

How our managed IT support differs

We often get asked to explain how our managed IT support differs from traditional support services, and I thought a short summary would highlight it’s advantages.

You will doubtless be familiar with having a local IT company you can call when your system breaks They will either fix the problem with remote support technology or send someone out to your site to investigate and then bill you on a time and materials basis.

We feel this model falls short in two key areas. Firstly it’s implicit that your IT has to break in some manner before any remedial action can take place meaning some level of business disruption is inevitable, and secondly since the service is essentially reactive it makes it very hard to predict your IT support costs. In addition, the performance of your IT provider is managed  by a number of metrics such as time to first response, time to fix and so on rather than some measure that relates directly to business benefit.

In other words, traditional IT support is always reactive, its costs are unpredictable and it’s complex.

We address these shortcomings in the following way:

Our service is proactive. We constantly monitor the health of your IT network and act wherever possible to prevent outages before they occur. For example if your server is running low on disk space we will be able to alert you as well as look for opportunities to archive little used data.

Our service is predictable. We bill you based purely on the amount of IT infrastructure we support, you can call us as many times as you need at no extra charge.

Our service is simple. We guarantee your network uptime up to 99% which relates directly to business performance.