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Network and Security

Bullet-proof security

Your company data is priceless. But if someone were to hack into your network today or a serious virus or ransomware demand were to play havoc, could you cope?

At IT Services we can advise on a full range of network and internet security solutions for the small or medium business. We can also advise on firewalls, web filtering, antivirus, intrusion detection, user policy and anything else you need to keep your business safe.

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Smoothwall internet security and web filtering

The premier network protection on the market is Smoothwall – a security solution specifically designed for SMEs and a wide range of other medium sized organisations.

Trusted by millions of users worldwide, Smoothwall delivers world-class web filtering capabilities combined with the next-generation firewall for enterprise grade protection. With real-time anti-malware and spam protection from globally recognised technology partners, Smoothwall offers the complete package in terms of internet security.

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Your data is your most important asset. Smoothwall ensures that it continues to stay secure:

  • Fully authenticated web accessFully authenticated web access
  • Implement your Acceptable Use Policy at the network edge
  • AUP breach alerts with context
  • Detailed management reporting
  • Dedicated hardware or virtualised deployment
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